Jaffa – Tel Aviv

Jaffa (pronounced Yafo in Hebrew) is one of the oldest ports in the world with ruins dating back to the Bronze Age. It was later used by the Egyptians (11th photo) as a port of strategic value, as it is around midway between Cairo and Phoenicia. Jaffa used to primarily be an Arab settlement until after the expansion of Tel Aviv (3rd photo) and the Israeli War for Independence. Now Jaffa is incorporated into Tel Aviv and is known as Tel Aviv-Yafo.

Walking through Jaffa you can see the layers of history in the old city. In ancient times, Jaffa was supposed to be the home to the rock (Andromeda’s Rock) where Andromeda was tied up (7th photo) to be sacrificed to a sea monster until Persus killed it and freed her (this was in Clash of the Titans). Jaffa was also where Jonah, who after ignoring God’s order to go to Nineveh, fled to go to Tarshish and was swallowed by a whale. Later Jaffa was defended by the British (5th photo of cannons and a tired cat) until the city was overrun by Napoleon who captured the city in 1799 in his bloodiest and most brutal attack. Napoleon was later defeated at the fortress of Acre (northern Israel near Haifa). St. Peter’s Church (last photo) was built in in 1654 and marks the area (8th photo) where Peter raised Tabitha (one of Jesus’s disciples) from the dead in Acts 9-10. Jaffa is also home to the Zodiac Bridge (9th photo) where if you touch your sign, look out to sea, and make a wish, it will come true. The 12th photo shows a modern sculpture depicting Jacob’s Dream (left column), the fall of Jericho (top row), and the Sacrifice of Issac (right column). Finally, the what I thought was the coolest thing in Jaffa was the Hanging Tree (9th, 10th photo), a work of modern art which is a tree within a seed suspended in the air.



~ by jonathanmtsai on October 8, 2010.

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  1. 3rd Row, 1st picture—is that a hanging tree?

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