En Avedat – Negev

En Avedat is a National Park a little bit north of Makhtesh Ramon along the Wadi Zin ravine. En Avedat is a canyon made of white Eocene limestone with seams of black-brown flint with a small river (creek) running through. En Avedat is famous for its river’s (creek’s) “icy cold” waters. When we entered the park the ranger explicitly not to touch or bathe in the water, which we were a bit disappointed by until we realized how much algae grew in the water. The trail along En Avedat took us along the waterfront until we reached a flight of extremely steep (and smelly) steps (5th photo), taking up to the next level of the canyon. From there we could see the Grove of Mesopotamian Poplars (8th, 9th photos), and when opened, could have taken another series of even taller and steeper steps up to the Monks’ Caves (not pictured).

When we returned back to the car we were met with ibexes (a type of wild goat common around in the Negev). The ibexes (last two photos) stay near water and were historically ambushed by men there. However, the ibexes natural predators are leopards, which are still found at the En Gedi (an oasis west of the Dead Sea near Masada).


~ by jonathanmtsai on October 31, 2010.

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