Har Saharonim and ha-Minsarah (Makhtesh Ramon) – Negev

Our second hike took us near Har Saharonim (“har” means hill or mountain in Hebrew). This hike was recommended to us by the park ranger as one of the most scenic trails in the makhtesh, and at its highlight was a spring in the middle of the desert. The trail first led us past the ruins of an old inn (first photo) and down through a pass. Later we walked through a white canyon (2nd, 3rd images) which reminded me of Antelope Canyon in Arizona. We continued on to see the spring (5th photo), or what was left of it.

After the hike we left Makhtesh Ramon but made one last stop at ha-Minsarah, also known as Carpentry, named after the piles of wood-chip like rocks resembling a carpenter’s workshop (6th photo). These wood like rocks made up a small hill which we were able to climb up on and see one last great view of Makhtesh Ramon (last photo).

~ by jonathanmtsai on October 31, 2010.

One Response to “Har Saharonim and ha-Minsarah (Makhtesh Ramon) – Negev”

  1. It looks dry, hot and yet youre STILL rockin your jeans!! You crazy guy ;D

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