Makhtesh Ramon – Negev

Over the Halloween weekend a couple of friends and I ventured to Makhtesh Ramon in the Negev. The Negev is a desert in the south of Israel and was first important as part of the wanderings of Abraham and Sarah. The desert is historically home to nomads and Bedouins but is now also home to many Israeli cities, including Be’er Sheva.

Makhtesh Ramon is the world’s largest makhtesh. Although “makhtesh” literally translates from Hebrew to “crater,” a makhtesh only looks like a crater. Instead of forming as a result of an impact, a makhtesh is a natural crater formed as a result of erosion and tectonic movements. A makhtesh is characterized by steep walls (see above photos) and a deep valley. The makhtesh is believed to be a landform unique to the Negev. For more information ask a geologist.

~ by jonathanmtsai on October 31, 2010.

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