Hermit’s House – Herzliya

The Hermit’s House is located directly on Sidna Ali beach, directly beneath the Sidna Ali Mosque. The residence was built over 29 years by Nissim Kakhalon from trash and debris washed up on shore. Mosaics and sculptures along the walls are made up of tiles and broken glass. Kakhalon often gives tours of his home, so I walked down to the beach briefly but nobody was home but a white cat. Local authorities/residents have been trying to evict the Hermit and take down his house but to no avail. Instead, rising water levels threaten the “integrity” of his project.

I was tempted to knock on the Hermit’s door and offer him some trash too but I didn’t think a water bottle would help hold up the place much. The whole place reminded me a lot of a college dorm room (specifically Robin, Yezdan, and Matt’s old triple), except cleaner.

~ by jonathanmtsai on November 19, 2010.

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