As-Siq – Petra

As-Siq is the ancient main entrance to Petra. It is about 1.2km in length and is a deep, narrow gorge, with great views above and along the walls of the Siq. The cliffs of the Siq are around 80 meters tall and let in enough light to subtly showcase all the colorful geological formations, carved by water channels into the rock.

As we walked deeper through, the As-Siq because more and more narrow, and very much reminded me of Antelope Canyon in Arizona. The walk was rather long, especially because I would stop every 5 minutes to either take a photo or step out of the way of a donkey carriage taking older tourists through (8th, 9th photo). The beginning of the Siq is guarded by Bedouins impersonating Roman soldiers (and asking for donations) – first photo. Along the entire Siq are smaller scale gates and “windows” carved into the cliffs which look rather unfinished or worn (2nd, 10th photo). But at the end is one of the most epic natural lead-ins, as the Siq guides you gently towards an amazing…

~ by jonathanmtsai on December 5, 2010.

One Response to “As-Siq – Petra”

  1. Looks like where they filmed Moses seeing that god tree hehe

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