Djinn Blocks – Petra

The track from the tourist center starts with a wide valley (first photo) that eventually leads into greater Petra. The trail is littered with camel and donkey taxis and their riders waiting to take lazier tourists through As-Siq. Soon the road turns left and three monuments stand in front of each other. The Djinn Blocks (rest of the photos) are named after the spirits from Arabic folklore. The Djinn Blocks are actually tombs and are believed to be the earliest tombs in Petra. About 26 different Djinn Blocks were found throughout the park. The block shape may represent the ancient Nabataean god Dushara (who was symbolized by a block of stone).

Right across the trail from the Djinn Blocks is the much more stunning and impressive…


~ by jonathanmtsai on December 5, 2010.

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