Umm al-Biyara – Petra

The trek up Umm al-Biyara is steep and difficult enough that about forty seven Bedouins tried to sell us rides on their “taxis” (donkeys and camels), up the mountain. Cheap and confident, we refused. More Bedouins lined the trail with their makeshift shops that sold souvenirs that could barely be called souvenirs. For sale were rocks, pieces of goat horn, rocks, and something I’m pretty sure was just sand in a bottle. The view along the way however, was infinitely better than the souvenirs; we could look back down on the entire city of Petra. The final leg of the trail is a flight of 800 stairs cut directly into the cliff. As we started up we noticed a strange looking donkey with a strange look on its face staring down at us (3rd photo). After we convinced ourselves it wasn’t going to spit on us (or worse), we continued up. The view ahead of us slowly teased us with a bit of what we were about to see (top of the 5th photo), and what I like to call the grand finale of Petra…


~ by jonathanmtsai on December 5, 2010.

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