Khan al-Umdan – Acre

Khan al-Umdan is one of the highlights of the Old City of Acre. A “khan” is usually large, roadside inn where travelers rested. Most of them were peppered along the Silk Road or the Royal Road of Persia. Khan al-Umdan is one of four khans in Acre and was built during the reign of the Ottoman Empire in 1784 as an important trading spot near Acre Port. The clock tower was added in the early 1900s and features a different number set on each face (Roman numerals, Arabic numerals, Hebrew alphabet, and modern numbers).

Khan al-Umdan is used now for festivals and celebrations, but when we visited, most of it was fenced off and we were only able to stand in a corner and gawk at the arches. I wandered a little farther and had a short conversation in Hebrew (which quickly turned into English) with a few locals, who told me they were Physics professors. Of course.

~ by jonathanmtsai on January 15, 2011.

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