The Or Torah Synagogue – Acre

Our first stop was the Or Torah Synagogue (also known as the Tunisian Synagogue). The synagogue is created from stones imported from all over Israel, but more stunningly, is completely covered with mosaics. The floor, ceiling, stairs, and walls are made of mosaics depicting everything from biblical stories to Israeli wildlife (7). The exterior of the synagogue is decorated with colorful reliefs of famous bible stories (1-4 – Moses, David, and Abraham/Issac). Inside, the main worship area is heavily adorned with mosaics, stained glass windows (4), and in the front three doors made of pure silver (6). Although I was impressed by the synagogue, some of the Israelis I was with were not. They felt that synagogues should be more humble and this one was too fancy audacious.

~ by jonathanmtsai on January 15, 2011.

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