Coral World Underwater Observatory Marine Park – Eilat

The Coral World Underwater Observatory Marine Park is a small aquarium/park (complete with a playground) located on the coast away from the hotels and dive sites. Although not as huge or comprehensive as the mega aquariums in Monterrey or Osaka, the Marine Park is famous for its Underwater Observatory (1, 4), that offers views of the reef 6m deep, 100m off shore. The sights, although less diverse, are better than in an aquarium because it’s real (5-14).¬† In some angles you could see wreckage or the coast (11); and I’ve been told that some old ships are deliberately sunk to offer tourists more sights to see while diving. If the light is right (and it was), everything is painted a pretty turquoise, and you really feel like you’re underwater (besides the fact that you are). Also, I found Nemo (12).

The rest of the park was a series of small aquariums. It’s fun but nothing spectacular on its own. There was a large turtle tank which housed HUGE turtles (I could have stood on them) (15, 16), a shark pool (17), where one of the sharks gave me a very surprised expression (18), and a coral reef tank (19). For some reason the Marine Park also had an Amazon exhibit. This included a boa constrictor (20), a red striped turtle (very much like the one I had that ran away – yes my turtle ran away), and baby crocodiles (21), one of which crawled into the water and held a staring contest with me. The last exhibit was a rare fish exhibit, which included the prettiest coral (23), and the ugliest fish (27) I have ever seen. And I found Nemo again (28).

~ by jonathanmtsai on February 14, 2011.

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