Resort Hotels – Eilat

Yes. Usually I am not one to engage in excess but after months of living in a dirty little dorm and eating nothing but kosher pita and hummus, I happily upgraded to four days in the Dan Eilat (3 – a view from my room, 5). Eilat is famous for its ridiculously excessive hotels (a la Las Vegas), and it’s definitely true. The Hilton (2, 4), and King Herod’s (1) were two adjacent hotels in a strip of 4 or 5 along the coast. Again, just look at the Hilton. And our breakfasts and lunches, although kosher, were far from traditional Israeli meals (usually light and healthy). As you can see the breakfast had everything from it’s own tea station (9) where you mixed your own herbs, breads and pastries (7), cream and nuts (8) – I thought this was yogurt at first but the chef told me it was actually cream (I didn’t go as far as to eat it), plus the traditional Israel breakfast (11, 12), and shakshuka, a tomato/spinach dish cooked with eggs (13). Too bad there was no lunch. Oh wait, yes there was: lunch brought back the hummus (minus point), but had every type of meat (except pork) and pasta. This conference was awesome.


~ by jonathanmtsai on February 14, 2011.

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