Shuk ha-Pishpeshim – Jaffa

Jaffa’s Shuk ha-Pishpeshim (Flea Market) is a huge lively market that sells everything from Middle Eastern trinkets to modern day uselessness. Unlike the flea markets in DeAnza or the Rose Bowl, Jaffa’s flea market is a real flea market. And by that I mean it’s pretty much a bazaar: crowded beyond belief with people shouting at you left and right to come into their store (or step closer to their mat) and look at their merchandise. It’s some right out of Aladdin.  The wares can be pretty much summed up as old crap. Some of the things look old but are found in every shop and mat so you have to assume that this is manufactured somewhere outside Shanghai and is made to look old. Speaking of China there was also a high amount of Asian merchandise.

The flea market takes up about 4-5 blocks and there are two sections: the stores which line the alleys and the people selling goods on mats spilling onto the alleys. And when I said they sold everything I mean everything. My photos focused more on the oddities I saw and the things I legitimately wanted to buy but didn’t because I didn’t have three hours to spend bargaining something down. These included a boat and a 20 year old computer (5), a mannequin head (6), an assortment of old and presumably used forks and spoons (10), antique cameras (13 – I will probably go back and buy one if I can bargain the price down another 100 NIS, these are awesome), brass jets (15), an earless, one eyed teddy bear (16 – FUN FACT: a teddy bear in Hebrew is a dubi – haha), a borderline pornographic photo of George Costanza (21 – I also almost bought this), a giant fork (23), a license plate from California with my (mispelled) name on it (24), and a giant clown that cost $50 (26).

I did end up buying some fun cheap nick-nacks so be warned most of the souvenirs I’ll give you are probably from here, unless it looks expensive, then there’s a 50% chance it’s from here.

~ by jonathanmtsai on February 19, 2011.

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