City of Jericho – Jericho

Ancient Jericho turns into modern Jericho (not much more impressive) through Ein as-Sultan street. The only notable thing on that walk was a church owned by the Russian Federation (3-5) that is home to an ancient Sycamore tree (6) that Zacchaeus, the chief tax collector at Jericho, supposedly climbed up on to see Christ as he was walking through Jericho. Christ then told Zacchaeus to come down for he would visit his home.

Jericho, being the first city to proclaim itself Palestinian, is pridefully so (7,8). The city center is filled with people, which we, not wanting a repeat of Hebron, promptly avoided. It is also home to the Oasis Casino (1), which is supposed to be quite good by Middle Eastern casino standards.

~ by jonathanmtsai on February 27, 2011.

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