Church of St. Joesph – Nazareth

The Church of St. Joesph sits adjacent to the Basilica of Annunciation (in fact you’re led to it after you leave) and sits on top of what is thought to be Joesph’s house. Like the Basilica, it is relatively new (built in 1914), and was built on top of the ruins / cave of Joesph’s house (3). The tour guide admitted that although the ruins within the Basilica may not have been Mary’s house, he asserts this was definitely Joesph’s because there are remains of a carpentry and there was only one carpentry in Nazareth. Believe what you want. The church is much more humble than the Basilica but its layers of caves and grottos underneath were impressive all the same.

~ by jonathanmtsai on March 26, 2011.

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