Austrian Cuisine – Vienna

I originally thought that Austrian cuisine was a lot like German cuisine, but it’s not only very different, but very diverse. We started with a walk through the city center, starting with Trzesniewski’s (try to pronounce it), (1) which serves small breads with various spreads on top (2). It’s a lot like flavored cream cheese (I had the salmon and jalapeno and pepper). You’re supposed to order 2 or 3 and wash each down with a small beer (3). Next we walked through the market and saw the traditional sachertorte (4), a dense chocolate cake made only in Vienna and Salzburg, and made our way to the market, which is much more organized than the middle eastern shuks (5), but still has a little Israeli/Arab flavor (6). Getting tired we made our way to get lunch, and just coming form Israel, I wanted the least kosher thing I could find. Luckily there was a pork sausage with cheese inside (7), which Wolfgang and I ate, much to the dismay of our Israeli colleague. Later we stopped for dinner and I ordered another very traditionally Austrian meal: it starts with a soup (beef broth and vegetables, with beef slices and bone cooked within the soup) (8). On the side there is a liver dumpling (9), to which you add the soup and eat it, and a slice of bread, to which you add the bone marrow from the bone (10). And after you finish the soup and bread you get to eat the deliciously cooked beef (11).


~ by jonathanmtsai on April 7, 2011.

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