German Cuisine – Heidelberg

Walking through the old city of Heidelberg were the Rothenburg Schneebälle (1, 2), basically giant balls of dough with sugar, icing, and sugar. These are famous from Rothenburg, a small town in Germany, and are only made at certain times of the year.

My lab and I ate dinner at Brauhaus Vetter (brauhaus means “brewery”), which serves traditional German dishes and of course beer. Vetter is famous for brewing the world’s strongest beer (they boast a final alcohol content of around 11.5% and 33% before final purification). I tried one (4), but it didn’t really taste like beer, but was very sweet and malty and almost like some kind of syrup. Wanting to order the most German dish, I tried a meat platter (5), much to the horror of the vegetarian kosher Israelis. The meat platter came with blood and liver sausages, some kind of bacon, and sauerkraut, and was pretty good. Also on the menu were pig legs, which I was told are gigantic pan fried pig legs.

Our German hosts pointed out to me a table behind us with a group of (only) women and a barrel of beer (6). Only in Germany they said.

~ by jonathanmtsai on April 9, 2011.

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