After Vienna we drove down to Heidelberg (about 6 hours), a small university town in south-western Germany. The old city (2, 3), sits right on the River Neckar (1), and is most famous for the ruined Heidelberger Schloss, or Heidelberg Castle (6-8), built in the 1100s. It was later destroyed by wars, fires, and lightning bolts. The Old Bridge (1, 9-12) spans the Neckar and offers a great view of the old town and castle. The Church of the Holy Spirit (4) is also a famous landmark.

Heidelberg is also famous for the Ruprecht Karl University of Heidelberg (13), the oldest university in Germany (founded in 1386 during the Holy Roman Empire). Since then Heidelberg has become a famous university town, home to European Molecular Biology Organization (EMBO), a few branches of the Max Planck Institutes, and Deutsches Krebsforschungszentrum (DKFZ – German Cancer Research Center) (14). We visited a group at DKFZ and spent most of our time in Germany there, working on a collaboration (and therefore had very little time for sightseeing). Besides having the most intense name, the campus architecturally reminds me of MIT (not really a good thing), but more colorful.

~ by jonathanmtsai on April 9, 2011.

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