Kibbutz Eyal

A kibbutz (in Hebrew literally means a “gathering” or “cluster”), is a collective community. The kibbutz movement started in the early 1900s and were created to be a utopian society tied to socialism and Zionism. These were traditionally based on agriculture: members of the kibbutz lived together and worked on farms, all sharing resources and taking the same pay. Children often lived and slept in their own separate house, together, away from their parents. Now many kibbutzim have moved towards other industries (high-tech, biotech, tourism, etc) and since then there are many kibbutzim spread across Israel.

One of my lab members (Amit) grew up in Eyal, a kibbutz in the Sharon region of Israel, north of Tel Aviv, near Petah Tikva and bordering the Qalqilyah in the West Bank (8). We were invited there for the Passover Seder and toured the kibbutz before. The kibbutz functions like a small town and is much more quiet and peaceful than Israeli (and Arab) cities. In the past families lived together but dined in a central dining hall (3), the “heart” of the kibbutz, but now the kibbutz has become increasingly modernized. Children no longer live independently and families eat together. The kibbutz itself has a small dairy farm (5, 6), an engineering consultancy, a vintage automobile museum (7), a winery, and an optics factory. It was a cool experience to see a kibbutz, as it is so distinct from the rest of Israel. It was even cooler to experience a Passover Seder there.


~ by jonathanmtsai on April 19, 2011.

7 Responses to “Kibbutz Eyal”

  1. I’ve been volunteer in 1980 and 1981 in Eyal. Worked in the kitchen with Moshe, Jaél, yakof. I’ve seen build the new diningroom, and also the new houses behind the kibbutz shop.

  2. I volunteered at Eyal for a few months in 1983 i worked picking oranges , grapefruit, avacado and lemons. A man named Joel drove us out each morning he had a brother Ronnie, i was also friends with Rami, and another man named Ronnie . We had a Kibbutz family the wifes name was Angela she came from England she and her husband were wonderful friends to us. I loved my experience on the kibbutz and i will never forget all the wonderful people i met and the good times i had. I have eaten falafel ever since i even make it myself once in awhile. Sincerely Wendy Sturk Hamilton Canada.

  3. I was a volunteer there Jan 83 for 8 months, lived with patsy and rachel who ended up marrying Joel! Patsy and I painted the mural on the bomb shelter wall and we all picked grapefruits to earn our stereo! Best time of my life, best people u could ever meet!

    • Liz, i remember you guys rachael, Joel Lorna billy chuck wayne wow its all coming back what a blast cheers hope all is well

  4. I worked on kibbutz eyal and met many lovely people, Lily, Ronnie, Afraim, Merav are just a few I can remember. Good to see the kibbutz has diversified and survived

  5. It was a wonderful experience. The volunteers we were with were great. I was there at the same time as Wendy. I even had the opportunity to visit the local hospital. We were there for Purim. It was brilliant, and probably the best part of the trip. The pictures would suggest it has grown.

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