Tel Nof Airbase

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Background: The Tel Nof Airbase is the largest airbase in Israel and is located very near to Rehovot. It was founded by the RAF during the British Mandate but is now an principal airbase of the Israeli Air Force.

Impressions: During Independence Day the Air Force opens up Tel Nof to the public and showcases many of its planes and helicopters on one of the runways. One of my friends who used to work in the airbase took me to Tel Nof and showed me around. Unfortunately thousands of other people came too; there was a line of cars spanning from the airbase to Rehovot. We ended up parking near a gas station and walking (hiking) 3-4km into the airbase. I was worried only Israelis could enter (you don’t), but the soldier who checked my passport turned out to be from Philly and let me in, saying all the planes were American anyway. Inside the runway was lined with dozens of planes (mostly F15s, Hercules, unmanned drones) and helicopters (Sikorsky, Apache, etc). It was interesting to see a military base, especially since you hear so much about the IDF (at least I do in lab), but I know nothing about planes and all the explanations were in Hebrew, so I relied on my friend who explained everything to me, and threw in some stories about the airbase (apparently a pilot landed a damaged, one winged F15 there). It was a cool Independence Day experience and something I’ve never done in the US.


~ by jonathanmtsai on May 10, 2011.

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