Azrieli Center – Tel Aviv

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Background: The Azrieli Center, completed in 1999, is a set of three skyscrapers (one circle, triangle, and square) in near the Ayalon Highway and HaShalom railway station. It was built by David Azrieli and is known for its framed white design and architecture. The circular tower (187m, 617ft) was the tallest building in Tel Aviv at one point. The bottom houses one of the largest shopping malls (canyon in Hebrew) in Israel and at the top of the circular tower is an observation point and restaurant.

Impressions: The view from the top of the Azrieli Center is great (but tinted blue because of the windows). You can see pretty much all of Tel Aviv (Jaffa is harder to see because it’s hidden by some tall buildings) and you realize how flat the city is. But that lets you see for miles, out to the Mediterranean and into Israel. It was a nice, peaceful view of the city, and a great last experience of Tel Aviv…

PS: At the bottom is a strange park with triangular prisms, where Rana says she will have her wedding..


~ by jonathanmtsai on June 9, 2011.

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