Kidron Valley – Jerusalem

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Background: The Kidron Valley is nestled between the back of the Old City (near the Golden Gate), and the Mount of Olives. In the Bible it is known as the “Valley of Jehoshaphat” (or the Valley where God will judge), and where David fled through from his son Absalom’s rebellion. In the New Testament Christ passes through this valley many times to and from Bethany. The Kidron Valley houses many famous tombs, including the Virgin Mary, the Pillar of Absalom, the Tomb of Benei Hezir, and the Tomb of Zechariah (see photos).

Impressions: After the cistern I ventured out the Lion’s Gate and into the valley. I had crossed it many times before, to and back from the Mount of Olives, and have been to the Tomb of the Virgin Mary, but I never though to go through it, around the city walls. What I saw was great, and I was disappointed I had missed it before. The Pillar of Absalom, Tomb of Benei Hezir, and Tomb of Zechariah are cool; they’re something you’d expect to see in Petra or Cairo, not nestled between Jerusalem neighborhoods. The Pillar of Absalom and Tomb of Zechariah are monoliths and not actual tombs, but they are still cool to gawk at. I walked around them and noticed inscriptions and writings in Hebrew, and two graves behind the Tomb of Zechariah. Walking up back to the Old City gives you a great view of the structures, and of East Jerusalem.


~ by jonathanmtsai on June 14, 2011.

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