Shalom Yerushalayim

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Friday (June 10th) was Caltech’s graduation (congrats), and my last trip to Jerusalem (and in Israel). It’s the city I visited the most while here and the city I feel I have explored the least. It has affected me as much as Brussels and Los Angeles. There’s so much to do in such a small area, and I didn’t even scratch the surface (literally – see the following posts). It’s such a strange and chaotic city; for the “city of peace,” it isn’t. Everyone is fighting, pushing, shoving, cheating, shouting. But hidden away (or not) are people praying, singing, and worshiping. In some strange way it meshes together and works.

Jerusalem is one of my favorite cities; I’ve enjoyed every trip I’ve made there, and my final one was no exception. It started with the normal bus route from Rehovot, up the Hills of Judah and into the city. The following posts are new places I visited (and discovered – the cisterns aren’t in the tour books), but my trip ended at my favorite spot, which I visit everytime I visit Jerusalem, the roof of the Austrian Hospice, and did some reading and reflection. This will be one of the things I’ll miss when I go back to California (tomorrow).



~ by jonathanmtsai on June 14, 2011.

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